The guiding science behind QE Platinum, lies in the timeless and versatile function of Phase Change Materials (PCMs).  PCMs are substances that absorb and release large amounts of thermal energy while melting and freezing. When melting, PCMs absorb thermal energy, and use that heat to melt rather than to increase in temperature, then stores the heat as latent heat. When freezing, the PCMs give up the stored thermal energy and in doing so “recharge” for the next time conditions exceed desired temperature set points. In fact, water is a prime example of a PCM. When water freezes it changes phase from liquid water to a solid state – frozen ice. When ice melts, it changes phase to its liquid state – water. The three main types of PCM’s used today are organic (paraffin and non-paraffin), inorganic (salt hydrates and alloys) and eutectic (combination of two or more organic, inorganic or both). 

Unlike traditional forms of insulation that solely aim to resist heat flow, QE Platinum actively captures, stores, and downgrades thermal energy to its phase change temperature. This allows QE Platinum to increase comfort levels in warmer months as ambient temperatures rise above the designated phase change temperature. In doing so, QE Platinum absorbs thermal energy and uses that heat to melt and store latent heat, rather than to increase in temperature. As ambient temperatures decrease in the evening, QE Platinum refreezes and releases stored thermal energy back into the space at the phase change temperature, rather than at the peak temperature(s) it formerly absorbed. During cooler months, QE Platinum maximizes the heat your home or business can hold, by capturing and releasing heat when temperatures dip below its phase change temperature. Thus, QE Platinum effectively modulates the Delta-T (temperature difference) between spaces as means to improve comfort levels and reduce HVAC usage, runtimes, and consumption. QE Platinum minimizes temperature fluctuation inside and between spaces that would otherwise rely heavily upon HVAC loads to achieve stable climate control.

QE Platinum’s proprietary PCM formulations are selected in conjunction with regional climate zones. This allows us to equip homes, businesses, offices, and schools with customized solutions that are designed for optimal comfort and performance. That being said, savings and comfort should never come at the cost of safety, which is why QE Platinum achieves a Class-A Fire Safety Rating and offers unmatched peace of mind in the case of a fire.

QE Platinum is a perfect solution for energy savings in residential homes. QE Platinum can easily be retrofitted, as it simply lays on top of the existing insulation in an attic. By actively absorbing, storing, and downgrading thermal energy to its phase change temperature, QE Platinum delays the need for cooling in summer. In winter months, QE Platinum maximizes heat storage as it captures and holds heat inside the home. Furthermore, QE Platinum absorbs and stores up to 100 BTUs per square foot, which is why our homeowners are able to shift and reduce their peak load usage on their HVAC and avoid costly energy premiums with ease. 

In commercial applications, QE Platinum is simply installed on top of the suspended ceiling. Whether our clients are looking to passively cool / warm their buildings, or mechanically modulate QE Platinum in correspondence with HVAC loading schedules, we offer solutions that best meet the needs of the space. Additionally, we have the ability to provide free consultations with our technicians as means to best optimize the efficiency of your commercial space. Because nearly 40% of all operating costs in commercial spaces are the result of energy use, we enjoy providing business owners and energy management professionals with a simple and cost effective solution to their needs. 

Rather than resisting Thermal Energy...

let it work for you.


As the day begins, QE Platinum is in a soft-solid state and starts absorbing thermal energy like a magnet. 


Throughout the day, QE Platinum will absorb and store thermal energy. QE uses this energy to melt into a liquid gel, rather than increase in temperature. In other words, QE works hard to keep you comfortable, while your HVAC works less and your savings increase.  


During the night, QE Platinum will gradually release the thermal energy it absorbed and stored throughout the day, only at its phase change temperature. Finally, QE Platinum prepares for a new day by returning to its solid state. 

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