About Us


QE Platinum is a Phase Change Material manufacturer and distributor based in Dallas, TX. QE Platinum specializes in Phase Change Material formulations that increase sustainability and savings for residential and commercial spaces. 

QE Platinum is rapidly growing and has entered into a wide spectrum of markets across the US. Backed by a 30-year material warranty and 20% energy reduction guarantee, we pride ourselves on providing a 100% sustainable, green, and innovative solution that maximizes energy efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint

Designed for you,
your home,
and your planet.™

Changing More Than Phase

We believe that QE Platinum is changing more than just the way energy efficiency, thermal management, and sustainability are achieved. We believe that we are changing the way people think about their homes, businesses, communities, and planet. We strive to positively impact every prospect, new client, and longtime customer each time we meet. We believe in leaving things better than we found them. 

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